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t says everytime your weight goes up so does your bodyfat...I could be gaining muscle and increasing in weight, but it says its always bodyfat because I weigh more ....I bet if a 250 pound bodybuilder stepped on my scale it would probably say for him that he has the bodyfat tied in with how much he weighs. I'm believing to NOT believe my digital weight scale anymore....It was a weight watchers scale.

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How does a personal scale measure body fat and muscle mass?
Many high-class scales claim to be measuring body fat mass, muscle mass etc. Is there a way (that can be implemented in a personal scale) or is this just estimations?


Really like the blog, appreciate the share!

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the one we have @ home give u ur weight, body fat %, BMI, and hydration
its easy to get the weight of course, BUT how can they calculate the body fat % and hydration????
how can that scale know the body fat % from muscles???

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