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CBT fan

hey Jay congrats on the big birthday! And good luck over the next year as the weight comes down, as the body adjusts over time.

I actually did pretty much what you are talking about in terms of calories, and it worked great so far.
I figured out my healthy BMI weight estimate, and calculated the calories I would need to be there, and just ate that many calories!
So far the weight is coming off smoothly.

To be honest, I have found I can eat below those calories, if I eat healthy whole foods which are filling, and not be hungry at all, and feel great. I have eaten approx 1800+ calories a day, and for now that is fine, as my body seems happy to supplement that by burning off a nice chunk of fat each day. Its effortless at this point.

Of course, as the body gets to a healthy BMI, then I will have to eat more calories or I will probably be hungry, as there will be less fat for the body to use for energy.

I will post a few stats here, which you can delete if you want. I don't know your height, so these will be very rough numbers.
According to the website below, we add our BMR + Thermic effect of food + physical exercise.


Adult male: 66 + (6.3 x body weight in lbs.) + (12.9 x height in inches) - (6.8 x age in years)
(height guess at 70 inches)
66 + (6.3 * 175) + (12.9 * 70) - (6.8 * 50) = 1,731.5 BMR

then add 10% for thermic effect of food.
= 1905 calories

+ EXERCISE and moving around, which can easily be 500-1000 calories or so.

So the numbers are pretty close.

My number to be at my BMI is about 2300 calories a day, + exercise. That is a lot of food, if one eats healthy whole foods. I can eat 3 fulls meals, and 3 full snacks on that, no problem.
On the other hand, if we eat 1 medium bag of chips, that can be 1000 cals "wasted" in one shot. So the trick is eating healthy whole foods in their natural state, as the calorie load is low, and nutrient level high, and they are very filling.

I find eating 1-2 cups RAW veggies with each full meal very helpful. Its clear raw veggies are harder to digest, and they keep you full for hours.

If we eat healthy calories, in a proper portions, then the laws of thermodynamics will guarantee our weight will go to the normal level. Its science, its the way our bodies operate.

CBT fan

another good trick is to use a PEDOMETER, which sell for a few bucks these days.
Wear it all day everyday.

You can actually figure out how many calories you burn walking each 1000 steps. (you have to walk a certain distance where you know the calories burned, and count the steps, and figure it out).
Then each day, if you walked 5000 steps, you know about how many calories that is.

Once you know all these dats points, calories eaten, and calories burned, plus exercise and walking, you can predict your weight-loss almost exactly, like rocket science. It has worked perfectly for me so far, the calculations work out almost exactly.

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